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Analytic Strategies & Consulting, LLC



Together, we can:

  • Build & Develop Your Analytic Organization

  • Create Health Data & Analytic Strategies & Roadmaps

  • Link Domain Expertise to Analytics

  • Train / Test / Validate Analytic Models


  • Avoid Model-Enabled Discrimination

  • Deploy & Update Models to Create Insights and Value


Payers  Hospitals  Health Systems  Employers  Life Sciences Government

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AS&C ...


  • Helps you create and operate state of the art analytic organizations and models that align all business functions. 


  • Uses analytics to keep your healthcare operations in synch with your vision; mission; innovation strategy; market demand estimation; product design, development and maintenance; sales & product guarantees and warranties.  

  • Works collaboratively with your staff to help Improve patient engagement, enhance quality of care, reduce adverse events, avoid staff turnover and burnout, and/or improve return on investment in healthcare services.


Check inside for options that can help you:

  • Create a responsible analytics / machine learning organization.

  • Build financial and other performance incentives to align staff and processes.

  • Develop transparent models that work at scale.

  • Understand causes and effects and generate accurate predictions with high accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity.

  • Maximize analytics security with appropriate governance.

  • Improve lines of communication across the enterprise with a focus on analytic insights that drive value for patients, caregivers,  policy makers, and other internal and external stakeholders.




All projects are led by Dr. Ron Ozminkowski (PhD, University of Michigan).  Over a 30+ year career, Ron has designed, managed, and/or conducted over 200 health services research and reporting projects and provided executive guidance for over 1,000 more.

His domain and empirical training is in economics, health policy, health administration, econometrics, and health education, with more recent emphasis on machine learning.

Evidence of the quality of Ron's work is provided by over 100 endorsements on LinkedIn for healthcare knowledge, leadership, and analytics, along with many others.

According to, Ron's published work has been read by people in over 90 countries around the world.

Ron is the recipient of the Living the Mission Award from UnitedHealth Group, and the Core Skills Award for Technical Excellence from Thompson/Medstat.

See inside for examples of his work and how it may be relevant for your current and future needs.

Selected Testimonials from LinkedIn:
​From a Senior Project Manager at IBM Watson Health:  Ron’s hard-working hands on leadership drove the cross-functional team we had focused on the effort to on-time accomplishment of our goals. This leadership also helped me to become part of the team, and figure out how to help. Ron’s great abilities as a leader begin with extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry and the analytics that our customers need. These abilities are well augmented by his great style for managing a team.

From a Leading Academic Researcher and Healthcare Industry Consultant::  Ron Ozminkowski’s status as one of the foremost researches in the field of corporate health and wellness program evaluation is undisputed. What may be less well known is how forward-thinking and collaborative Ron is, and how uniquely he balances creativity with utmost integrity.

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